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1952 Blackguard TC Build


The following pictures show the build process for a '52 TC blackgaurd, all my relic guitars receive the same attention to detail. As I've said elsewhere relics are 'relics' and I do not attempt to forge the real thing, but if you can't afford the genuine article...(£10000 or there abouts) then what you see here is probably the next best thing.

In most cases guitar players prefere a few modern features, like a flatter fretboard and maybe jumbo frets, whatever you want can be done.

Here's the spec for this beauty..

One piece swamp ash body. (very light)

One peice maple neck with vintage truss rod and 9.5 inch radius fretboard and vintage frets

Bakelite pickguard, lacquered

All genuine Fender hardware aged

'52 Voodoo pickups

Butterscotch blonde nitro cellulose finish relic'd

Clear nitro cellulose lacquer all aged

Here's a Starter...scroll to the bottom of the page for more pictures of the completed guitar



Here's a familiar shape appearing in one peice swamp ash


Starting to route the cavities & body shape

The basic woodwork completed

Jig for cutting jack socket hole

4.5 lbs....... thats light !!!!!

Roughing out the neck, note the truss rod channel has already been cut before the neck is shaped


Routing/finishing the neck plan shape

Headstock trimming

Cutting 10/32 thread on vintage truss rod

Jig for drilling the truss rod 'nut' hole

Something looks familiar?

Fret cutting 'toast rack' box

Pressing-in the frets, dots fitted

Ageing the body notice under pickgaurd


Showing off the neck ageing...and bakelite pick gaurd

Just about make out the finish craze cracking.....

Aged Klusons

Looking good !


And finally the back!