Me And My Guitars



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I can’t be impassionate about old guitars, for me its almost a religious experience opening a guitar case and casting my gaze over a vintage guitar. Its impossible to resist the urge to pick it up, guitars are so very tactile.


Old guitars have a unique smell, its always the same when you open a guitar case every gig, bar, club, pub has contributed to the aroma, all the years of playing have imparted a personality on an otherwise inert assembly of wood plastic and metal.


I always feel a little nervous when I reach out to pick up such a guitar, almost trembling in anticipation, my hands damp with a little sweat I clasp the neck, fret a G chord tune up and strum a well used blues riff…it never fails to excite !


Anyhow, enough atmospheric rhetoric. I live in London UK and have been learning to play the guitar for the last 30 years, do you ever stop learning? My first electric guitar was home made, which is where it all started. Unlike now, back in the 1970’s good cheap electric guitars were not available, budget Squire and Epiphone’s didn’t exist, there were only two makes which you aspired to own Fender or Gibson, and as a teenager these were way out of reach.


My first guitars were something to behold! Built from any wood that I found in my dads shed, mainly plywood, I remember the fret markers being drawing pins. But things got better quite quickly, some whacky and wonderful shapes emerged over the years.


Now its one of my main hobbies, my guitars are built from proper woods, I’ve gathered the correct tools to do all the wood work and have recently built a pickup winder and am currently testing out my first home made pickups.


I do take on work from time to time mainly just to fund my hobby and sell the odd guitar only to regain some space!