Black Guard BC


Haven't been asked to make one of these for a while and it was nice to do so again. This one has a VERY lightweight one piece swamp ash body with a very nice grain, the neck is one piece quarter sawn maple.


As you can see the guitar features slotted screws amongst the other complement of vintage correct parts

A detailed photograph of the relic'd hardware and paint, some craze cracking and rusting to metalwork also the owners birthday is stamped on the bridge in place of a serial number, a nice touch I think!

Very pleased with the fretboard ageing on this one, my techniques have changed over the years and I think this looks pretty convincing. The neck has a "V" profile and rolled edge and has a very vintage feel without being "clubby" feeling at all.

Here's the back, again slotted screws, buckle rash etc and nice wear on the back of the neck.

Subtle ageing on the back of the neck

Close-up of the fretboard.

Another view, the finish is paper thin nitro cellulose butterscotch, painted pickguard


It's always to do one of these and I never get board with building them, they're such iconic guitars and very versatile. this one is built with a 10" radius fretboard with wider/taller (6105)frets than standard.