Some of my Guitar greats..........

Here he is Jimmy Page my all time guitar god, in my humble opinion one of the best ever guitarists/writers,On stage with his faithfull '58 Les Paul, Nowadays most bands seem to have trouble producing more than one good album, in two years Zeppelin managed five, well I suppose volume one had a lot of 'borrowed' tracks. Physical graphiti must be one of the best ever double albums. I could go on and on.......





Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd, I spent most of my early teens transfixed by his soulfull guitar breaks, Darkside of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, The mood that Gilmore can create with one note many can't achieve in a whole solo! and he owns Stratocaster serial number one not the first apparently but still probably worth a few bob!






One of my favourite live performers, Wilko Johnson original founder member of the early seventies band Dr Feelgood, a unique playing style with his life long friend and trade mark black Telecaster with blood red guard. One of the best Rythum and Blues acts around.







ANGUS......ANGUS..........ANGUS, Probably should mention the whole band, again what a live act oustanding riffs, not forgetting Malcom Young and his Gretch. Let there be rock, The Jack, Whole lotta Rosie








Don't really need to say anything, made the electric guitar sound like it should!







Mark Knopfler, I really liked his Dire Straight's days, Sultans of swing one of my all time favourites, Certainly emphesises that classic between pickups Strat sound





Carlos Santana, super smooth tone endless sustain, swapped his Gibson SG for a PRS unmistakable sound