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Early '60s slab board SC

This is a bit of a mixture, the owner supplied the body and hardware but wanted a custom neck build with a Les Paul profile, brazilian rosewood slab fingerboard with a flamed maple neck and the whole guitar treated to a relic'd vintage cellulose finish in Daphne blue

Daphne blue is always a popular colour and takes well to ageing.

Nothing drastic for ageing on this one I'd call it loved but used.

A closer view of the body and ageing, there are some none vintage correct parts but the owner wanted to retain them and I certainly think that this gives the guitar more character and looks cool.

Here's the back of the guitar showing the new flamed maple neck carved to a Les Paul profile and fitted with an old stock brazilian rosewood fretboard. There is also a steel trem block fitted which I had manufactured for the non standard string spacing.