'65 SC


It's not too difficult to see why the typical '60s pastel colours are so popular, apart from looking great in the first place, they also take very well to relicing, a subtly tinted lacquer adds that "played in a smoky bar for years" look really well, add a few chips and knocks, a bit of age to the plastic and some rusty hardware and you have a very convincing guitar.

Daphne blue, in my opinion is one of Fender's prettiest colours and adding a little age just makes it look even better. This guitar has all the typical attributes, hand built two piece alder body, maple neck with a veneer rosewood board, all genuine Fender vintage specification parts including PAT Pend saddles, cloth wiring, CTS pots, just about as close to true vintage spec as you can get. And of course completely finished in cellulose products, hand sanded and hand polished ensuring a typically thin vintage specification finish.

Texas Special pickups give a really nice blusey tone.

Close up of the aged hardware and plastic.

Really pleased with the way this one turned out, I'll certainly be building some more in this colour.