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Dina II

For Sale £1800

Here's the Dina II fresh out of the workshop, quite different from the MkI. I'd always wanted to try out a Gibson style goldtop finish the way it was applied originaly, quite different from metallic paints that are available nowadays, the original Gibson method which I copied was to use metal powder which is a genuine incredibly finely ground metal and a mixture of bronze and zinc to get the correct shade of gold then mix it in with clear lacquer, as a note being metal that is why old Gibson goldtops age to a green colour.

After making all the effort to recreate a goldtop I wanted to show it off and not use a pickguard so had to mount the pickups from the top using some fancy technique. In order to keep the top looking clean I decided to use a Strat style tremolo bridge.

As I was going for a Gibson style finish I decided to build the body and neck in mahogany and a bound ebony fretboard.

Just as a taster, here's the finished guitar

The top and back of the body in early stages of construction, the Dina Mk I was built with a poplar body and maple neck. for the MkII I decided to use mahogany just to see what the difference in tone would be, also this guitar has a few Gibson design traits so I decided to go with mahogany and I thought that the gold and red colour scheme would be quite striking.

Inside the top and back, I decided that the pickups were going to be mounted from the top and it was at this time that a friend suggested lipstick tube pickups FANTASTIC idea as I knew they would look streamlined and great against the gold which was exactly the look I wanted.

Routing the pickup holes, unfortunately there's not such a great choice of lipstick tubes but GFS seems to be the favoured type so I went for those, having got them I could make a template to route an exact set of holes.

A close up of the body, the paint is very sparkly which I really like, also I modified the bridge plate to include the shaped ends which match the "F" hole and control plate.

Dina I & II headstock logos. Although I do like my relic guitars I decided to keep this one nice, although not relic'd it is finished by hand in vintage nitro cellulose so has the patina of a vintage guitar and to be honest it has a played look

Here's the back The bridge is a modified Strat type unit, but I veneered the whole back of the guitar and in-set the tremolo cavity such that I could fit a matching mahogany spring cover plate



The two together although from the same "mould" they are quite different. There's nothing unusual about the neck construction, I decided to go for a bound neck to kind of keep the Gibson look so to speak and I think it goes well with the gold, it also has a flatter radius fretboad which gives it a very low action.

The control plate mounts using the switch screws so there's no additional fiddly little screws cluttering up the look, the volume is a push pull on the bridge pickup so there are more pickup selection options available than on a normal Strat


The specification:-

Body : Thinline mahogany

Neck: Mahogany

Fretboard: Ebony with cream binding and a 9.5in radius

Pickups: GFS lipstick tubes

Electrics: Five position with push/pull volume

Bridge: Modified Strat type

Finish : Goldtop style produced with metal powder mixed with the lacquer all nitro cellulose, although not relic'd the guitar has a very nice vintage patina.

The guitar plays really well with a very low action and has a VERY vibrant bright tone.