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Original design guitars by 3Rguitars.

Here's my chance to be a bit creative, I don't want to just build, restore or refinish mainstream stuff. I'm always getting ideas for new designs, I have may own range of guitars the "Dina range" that are all basically the same shape but incorporate different hardware and pickups. I will also build one-off designs, if I have a particularly unique idea. Most of my inspiration comes from vintage instruments, this can be the overall shape or amalgamating different features from a number of guitars or then again something completely wacky! depending upon what I want to achieve I'll use various woods and hardware but I'm probably going to always finish it in vintage cellulose type lacquer as I do think it's the best. If you have dream guitar that you can't get off the shelf then give me a call and I may be able to make it a reality, I'm always more than happy to talk guitars!

First comes the Dina range then some custom builds.


The Dina Range

These guitars follow a theme and generally combine a lot of my favourite features. Click on the pictures for more details.


The Dina mk 1 (Click on picture)


Dina mk 2 (Click on picture)

Dina stars & Stripes (Click on picture)


Dina mk 3(Click on picture)

Dina Sparkle (Click on picture)


Cusom builds, Here's some that are either whacky ideas I've come up with or custom builds. Click on the pictures for more details.


Violin bass (Click on picture)

Custom build for my daughter (Click on picture)

The Axe (Click on picture)