1960's Duo Sonic

The Duo Sonic was a student model first marketed by Fender in 1956 along with its single pickup cousin the Musicmaster, both guitars had a 3/4 scale length some 3 inches shorter than the 25.5 inch of the Strat and Tele. These budget models were simple no nonsence guitars solidly constructed in typical Fender fashion, over the years there were a number of revisions to the design and the guitar continued in production until 1969.

Once ignored these cheaper Fender models are now becoming quite collectable and you'll have to hand over quite a chunk of change to get a vintage one, I'm a big fan of this genre of guitars, simple, lightweight, small and no nonsense, sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles...Just plug in and go, to my eye they're a pretty damn nice shape as well.

This was a nice straight forward refinish, at some point in the past it was stripped of its original paint and tared over in a horrible tinted varnish but on the good side whoever did it was very careful not to oversand the wood so it was an easy job to refinish it. Paul the owner sent the body over with the instructions to go for Olympic white vintage nitro cellulose finish and a mild relic to match the wear on the neck, so here's some pictures of the refinish.

Resplendant in its wood grain finish, to be honest not that attractive a look!

The body stripped and a brushed first coat of sanding sealer applied, the body didn't require any grain filling, this coat was thinned down so it soaks into the wood, after sanding following coats are sprayed until it's pretty much flat before applying white undercoat.

I have plenty of pictures else where showing the finishing process, so jumping ahead to the finished guitar, you can just about see some subtle shading that I've applied to the white to give it just a little age.

Very nice looking guitar, with just a little age, few knocks and dings and a little elbow wear.

Here's what Paul had to say ...... "I think you will agree, the end result is very satisfying. The level of detail in the relicing and the subtle yellowing of the finish is just superb! "