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Gibson EB 3


Here's a nice old EB3 I thought I'd add it to my website as I've been a bit lazy of late getting this site up-to-date this was a fairly straight forward restoration... The guitar had been refinished in a few colours but over the years but it came to me in pink! that had been done some time ago, I have no idea what the paint was but paint stripper and some sanding got rid of it fairly easily, It's always a worry when re-doing a semi transparent finish that you can get the wood clean enough (the old paint out of the grain) without over-sanding the wood.....But in this case it was fine.

So here's some pictures...

Here's the body stripped and sanded ready for the coat of sanding sealer.... Whether or not to use grain filler is really dependant on how open the wood grain is.... But although mahogany can have an open grain I prefer not to use grain it on a semi transparent finish as sometimes you can see it through the finish.. In this case I just used a few more coats of sanding sealer with plenty of sanding in between.

....And the back again same as above as for dents and dings I tend to avoid filling them and just "replace" them when all the finishing is done after all it is a vintage instrument some battle scars are expected, but ultimately it is the owners choice.

The headstock stripped but before cleaning up you can see the old pink, then black and signs of the cherry, the serial number had long gone with the previous refinishes...

All back together with its new finish in vintage correct cellulose a nice '60s EB3 with a slightly aged look in keeping with its age. I do like these basses and the EB2's they give such a nostalgic sound especially with the flat wound strings so many of them have had the bridges replaced with modern ones I have to say they probably perform better due to being able to set the intonation correctly but they don't look so good!