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1965 Fender Jaguar

Marketed by Fender as one of their top of the range guitars along with the Jazzmaster, both guitars never reached the popularity enjoyed by their cheaper cousins the Stratocaster and Telecaster, the Jaguar also has a shorter scale length, the only slight downfall of these guitars is the tremolo tailpiece and bridge arrangement, why Fender didn't use the Stratocaster bridge is a mystery to me? I've set up a few of these guitars and always found that the long string length between the bridge and tailpiece and the very shallow break angle of the strings over the bridge often result in poor sustain and buzzes. You may get away with 10 gauge strings but heavier 11s usually give better results.... Anyhow Kurt Cobain made sure that these great looking guitars still enjoy their fair share of fans.

Only a few pictures of this one, it's a lovely '65 model that had been resprayed in Daphne blue at some point, to be honest it wasn't a bad job at all but had never been lacquered, anyhow the owner wanted it in a relic'd surf green so here's the pictures.


Here's the body a good way through spraying with the under pickguard areas a shade lighter

Trial assembly befor any relicing is done, quite often with old guitars the pickguard will have shrunk and make things a bit difficult to fit so it's worth spending a little time getting these niggles sorted out.

Here's the Jaguar completed with mild relicing, I think these look great in '60s pastel colours, gives them that surf look.