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Paul Kossoff Les Paul


Its not often that I get asked to relic a Les Paul, well in fact I've only done one before and that was such a mild relic, but this customer is a huge Free/Paul Kossoff fan and asked if I could turn his sunburst 1990s LP into a Paul Kossoff look alike. I had to learn a few new techniques but was really looking forward to the challange and having a Les Paul on my website, so heres my attempt.........

Here's a picture of the maple top, working from stills captured from a DVD I replicated the wear the best I could

Here's the whole thing all the hardware has been aged to match, the pickups are Bareknuckle P.G. Blues with aged nickle covers and sound great.

Just after the final coats of lacquer, showing off the quality of the flamed maple top.....That's soon to get bashed about and scraped, sorry!

The guitar had a neck break at sometime in the past but after refinishing the neck with some careful staining there was no sign of the crack, in addition I wanted to retain the original serial number so that was masked off during spraying.


So there you go... Hope you like it, I certainly loved doing it AND a big thanks to Marc the owner for giving me a Les Paul to do, not only that but to replicate such a famous one.