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1965 Lake Placid Blue SC



This is a colour I think everyone loves, back in the sixties Fender turned to the automotive industry for nearly all their custom colours, candy apple finishes were the only exceptions, Lake Placid Blue was first used by General Motors on the 1958 Cadillac. I've wanted to use this colour for a while but what with all the restrictions these days regarding different types of paint cellulose is getting more and more difficult to get and VERY expensive. Paint colours are mixed to codes unfortunately the ones I could find didn't mean anything to any paint suppliers I contacted, luckily I have a mid '80s 1962 LPB Squire so used that as a pattern and the match was perfect I even compared it with a 1965 LPB Fender Jaguar I was restoring at the time and I couldn't detect any difference.

Anyhow enough about the colour and back to the guitar, it's a 1965 SC wherever possible using genuine Fender parts including Texas Special pickups, the body is two piece alder and the neck is veneer rosewood with a curved join as used by Fender following the slabboard necks in the early '60s, the bridge has Pat Pending saddles and a steel block and there is a full pickguard shielding plate.


Front view, slightly smoky staind lacquer and a few knocks and dings!

Rear view, buckle rash and wear

Another view showing the aged neck

The body showing the aged pickguard knobs etc

Aged back and notice L series serial number





...And a shot of the inside, notice the full pickguard shielding plate, cloth wiring, CTS pots and CRL switch.



2 Piece alder body

Quarter sawn maple neck with curved join rosewood board 7.25 radius bone nut, clay dots

Kluson double line tuners

3 ply guard with full shielding plate

Steel block vintage tremolo with Pat Pend saddles

Texas Special pickups

CTS pots, CRL 5 position switch, cloth wiring, L-series neck plate

Full nitro cellulose vintage finish relicd