Custom built guitar refinish

for Klaxons guitarist Simon Taylor-Davies


Quite a straight forward job here, but I thought it was worth putting on the web site as it's quite an unusual guitar, custom built for Simon Taylor-Davies of the Klaxons and has a solid aluminium neck and pretty trick electronics and hardware.

Here's the guitar onstage with Simon, kind of looks quite Duo-Sonic but has body contouring and completely different routs for the hardware and electrics.

The guitar had been stored for quite a while and obviously been subjected to quite severe temperature changes as the paint was severely cracked, I'd have other customers who would pay for that!!! Anyhow all the original paint was removed and the process of repainting started.

Several coats of sanding sealer were applied and then I went straight to colour coat, Black is a real pain to get right EVERYTHING has to be perfect and cellulose is not the easiest to achieve this, you could literally sand and flatten for a week and still not get it perfect. I do all my finishing in cellulose and don't have a great deal of experience with other products, perhaps it's something that I'll research in the future.

Here it is back together, replacing all the wiring was a right ol' mission there's a lot of fancy stuff crammed under this pickguard! And to be honest I don't know what all of it does.

The lovely aluminium neck, I was rather upset at not being able to play it...I'm bad enough playing right handed but left is impossible, I've read quite a bit about aluminium necks, the only thing I can say about this is that it's quite heavy.

Looking good again....