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Relic'd 1963 SC copy

Fiesta red hardtail



Here we have a lovely '63 SC hardtail built to exacting specifications......

Two piece Alder body which is very light

Maple neck fitted with a vintage style truss rod, adjusted at the heel with a cross head nut

Genuine old stock Brazilian rosewood fretboard which is a veneer curved joint to the neck fitted with clay dots and vintage frets, the radius is 9.5 inches but the joint with the neck is 7.25 inches so it lookes like it has been refretted at some point in its life and the fretboard sanded flatter. The top nut is bone

Single line kluson tuners

White black white, shrunken and slightly warped pickguard, full size shielding plate

Cracked and worn pickup covers

Hardtail bridge with Fender Pat pend stamped saddles

Quality electrics with cloth wire

Nitro Cellulose paint/lacquer Aged and cracked.

All hardwear is aged and rusted


This guitar is about as close as you can get to an original even fitted with 'old stock' Brazilian rosewood fretboard. The ageing is not over the top and just looks played and loved. The pickups are Texas specials, I have tried LOTS of different pickups in various Strats and Strat copies and these I think are superb, it has a really warm blusey sound and a lot more sustain than a tremelo tailpiece guitar. The neck has a 'C' profile and is a medium thickness.

Cracked paintwork and aged hardware... Pat Pend Saddles


Nitro cellulose finish from wood to lacquer

Brazilian rosewood fretboard and clay dots, also notice the curved join fretboard



Cracked pickup covers, shrunken guard and shielding plate visible & rusty screws!!

Aged/worn plastic parts




'63 serial number

Aged Klusons