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1970s Stratocaster Rebuild

Here's one of those guitars that I have written about elswhere on my site, a 70s Strat that has been modified along the way to take a couple of humbuckers, well I think modified is being a bit kind more like butchered! At some time a different bridge had been fitted and some fairly extensive alterationto the trem cavity has been done also if you look carefully you can see that the 'carving' at the bottom of the rear pickup hole had broken through into the trem spring routing on the back of the guitar...ugh. One good thing though is that all this butchering had been kept within the confines of the pickguard.

The owner had asked me to restore the body to how it came out of the factory without disturbing the original paint and make the repair as invisible as possible, a tall order but I felt that it was possible. Oh yes and a refret was in order.

Here's the poor Strat body notice the bridge routing and the front pickup hole has broken through to the neck pocket


The existing cavities were routed out to an even shape and depth then ash blocks were cut to fit and let in, notice the gorgeous original paint with a lovely aged patina. As you can see small amounts of filler were used because the original finish was to be kept it was not possible to plane the whole body flat with the new blocks in place so some filler was used which was white to match what would have been the original undercoat.

And the back of the body getting the bridge routing back to the original shape.

Here's the new woodwork painted over it was none to easy to match the aged look under the guard the results looked pretty good and were the best I could do, particularly difficult was around the bridge where I had to run the new finish into the existing.

The finished neck pocket. The owner wanted to retain the modification to a four bolt neck.