Late '60s SC type guitar


Really nice well worn late '60s SC type guitar, all the usual 3Rguitars attention to detail, quality parts used throughout. I've always had a soft spot for large headstock Strats especially the early ones with the 4 bolt neck and this one has the super rare maple cap neck only used by Fender for a couple of years I believe. Let's start with some pictures...

Well beaten up! Although based on a late '60s model this guitar could be termed a "bitsa" since it has a good few features from different years, the tortoise guard is celluloid and has a full shielding plate and there's cloth wiring.

The paint is cellulose from the wood up, black over a white undercoat with plenty of "battle scars". There's plenty of weather checking on the finish which is never too obvious on a black finish.

I've always loved the look of black with a tortoise pickguard, I think that this guitar would look great on stage. The pickups are Bareknuckle Clapton and sound great, plenty of bite if needed and mellow blues tones.

I didn't cut any corners on the back, plenty of belt buckle wear, the trem springs and steel block trem unit is rusted.

This was such a fun guitar to build, I really do like the heavier more theatrical relic look. The pickguard has been buckled and shrunk in places as happened to the originals over time. All the hardware, wherever possible is genuine Fender.

The curved join maple-cap neck, built from quarter sawn maple, this was a neck that Fender produced only for a couple of years and recreated for this guitar.

....And finally a few detail shots of the ageing.


I must say this was a fun guitar to build, large headstock models are not the most popular but something I've always wanted to build as they are my favourite. Making it for myself also allows me the freedom to incorporate whatever features I wanted. Anyhow If you're after something slightly different to the usual vintage models then this should fit the bill.

Alder 2 piece none centre joined body.

Maple neck with maple curved join-veneered fretboard.

Nitro cellulose finish.

Celluloid pickguard.

Bareknuckle Clapton pickups.

Fender steel block vintage bridge.

CTS pots, cloth wire vintage wiring, 5 way switch.