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1957 Fender Telecaster

Another refinish somewhere along the line this had been refinished in a modern twin-pack type paint...YUK! This stuff is really difficult to get off and has no resemblence to traditional paints at all, the best way to remove it is with a heat gun and to be totaly honest I don't really want to put pictures up of the process it looks to barbaric! but after some heating the paint lifts in big blisters leaving the wood clean, two tricks a) avoid burning the wood and b) Wear a mask...it stinks!

The owner wanted to go for a white blond and on the parts that had worn not too much wood showing and just the whiter blond.

Here's the back... same style of wear as the front.

And again the front.... some battle scars added but not too much.... I find blond quite a difficult colour to apply. more from the point of view of how translucent to make it... The mix requires about 10% paint to clear lacquer but then with this how opaque it becomes depends upon a) the proportion of solid paint to lacquer and b) How many coats you want on it, with this there had to be two coats, one for the lighter almost white blond for the sand-through areas and the darker finish shade, so not easy to judge when for the final result I wanted to be able to see the gorgeous ash grain through the finish. Fender over the years, as the wood they used became losely speaking a poorer quality and there were more pieces used to produce a body, typically two or three the blond finishes became more opaque.... But in these early Tele's the the wood has a more pronounced grain and if there are any joints they are very cleverly grain matched.