Here's our Rythum & Blues band, we're a four piece line up with vocals and harmonica by Dave Shaftoe, Lee Akehurst messin' with the 6 string, and Rythum section Chris Richards on bass and Mick Heale on drums.

Originaly started as a rythum & blues band heavily influenced by the 70's pre punk group Dr Feelgood (still going strong today), Chuck Berry and other famous tracks. Over the years our song list has expanded to include more mainstream rock and lighter popular tracks...BUT they all have that 'raw' feel

See bottom of page for booking detail...don't forget to download the track and have a listen !


Click the picture to have a listen

Click the picture to have a listen

Here's our CD if you want a copy drop me an email. Better still why not book an evening of LIVE Rythum & Blues.

We live in S.E London (UK) local gigs start at £200