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Surf green jazz


I know I've said elswhere on this website that I'm very fond of the Gibson EB 2 and Epiphone Rivoli basses, well that's not to say I'm adverse to the Fender offerings, short scale basses like the afore mentioned Gibson style are less finger streaching to play but there's no question that sound wise they are not as versatile as the longer scale Fender basses, I have to confess that using a jazz bass for a gig did 'convert' me, the sound is so much more dynamic.

That was a while ago, so in between my paying work I began to gather the bits for a JB, I wasn't after recreating any particular year, just really putting all my favourite bits into one guitar and of course my FAVOURITE colour surf green, if you've looked around the website you'll have seen my thinline TC I love the look of these two guitars together.

Anyhow this is the specification.

Body : Popular, very light, finished in aged surf green

Neck : Maple, rosewood fingerboard with block inlays, bound

Pickups : Seymore Duncan

Hardware : Mixture

Finish : All nitro cellulose, Surf Green