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'53 Blackguard

Well I seem to be getting a lot of interest in my blackguard TC's and here's another it has the usual complement of 3Rguitars fittings, the owner wanted a heavily relic'd look with plenty of rust on the hardware. Here's the spec..

One peice light swamp ash body

One peice vintage construction neck

9.5 inch radius fretboard with wider than standard frets

All genuine Fender hardware

CTS pots cloth wiring

Fender vintage pickups

Nitro cellulose early blonde and clear lacquer heavily relic'd

Here's a taster of the finished job!


. ..

Early stages of the body construction along witha Strat


Again a few necks ! jigs to drill all the holes etc


Body ready for painting and first few coats of blonde, trial fitting etc


Neck relicing