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1962 Black SC

Here we have one very nice guitar, I'd not done a black one before and wondered how it would turn out, pastel colours lend themselves well to getting that smokey bar look, with black though these effects become invisible, but I needent have worried the final effect blew me away and after saying I never liked black Stratocasters (TM) I've completely changed my mind!!

This is a '62 with Slab board neck and alder body, all genuine best quality Fender components and some modified wiring, a really lovely guitar

Overall the owner wanted a well 'beaten up' look....who am I to say no...Well it does look excellent aged plastic and hardwear



Dirty worn plastic parts and well chipped paint work with weathered bare wood all adds up to a very realistic look


Can't ignore the back notice rusty trem block and weathered wood


Even the rosewood fretboard has not been ignored with playing wear added

Bridge ageing and craze cracking on paint all adds to the effect