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Blonde '57 SC

Here we have a nice '57 Blonde! Quite an unusual colour Fender marketed them in '57 as the 'Mary Kay' Strat, blonde's were available with gold or chrome hardware and the body was always made from ash.

The blond finish is not a solid colour so the grain is visible through the finish, unlike the early butterscotch finish on telecasters this is far lighter and not far off white. Ageing will make the finish yellow, as with all cellulose lacquers.

Anyhow here we have a copy of a '57, the owner supplied the body and neck for me it was a case of applying the finish and ageing everything also fitting up the whole thing.

Sorry if the photos are a little dark...but this way it just seems to showcase the blonde finish a little better


Lets hope the owner has more fun with Blonde's!