Charlie's Guitar

A bit off the beaten track for a 3rguitars design but sometimes it's good to push yourself to do something a bit different. My daughter has been playing for a few years now so I thought it would be nice to treat her to a custom built guitar. It was a project I started with a mind to picking it up between other projects and not really having any deadline, well that was the intention but I ended up getting quite hooked on it and decided to push on and get it completed for her as a Christmas present (2014).

The style of the guitar is influenced by the music she likes I guess, the overall shape is very much based on the Ibanez Iceman with a few changes.

Here it is, the stunning top wood is book matched buckeye burl cut from the root of a chestnut tree, I wanted this to take "centre stage" so kept the rest fairly plain with all black hardware and a pretty simple layout.

Here's a closer view of the body, it's double bound with cream and marble binding, in keeping with its roots the pickups are Ibanez and the electronics are a simple selector switch, volume and tone.

The finish is vintage cellulose clear lacquer with black edge sunburst onto the back. the main part of the body is two piece quarter sawn mahogany which is chambered to keep the weight down. The buckeye burl is very unusual to work with, as you can imagine it has no grain direction is VERY soft has more or less the properties of cork and has PLENTY of defects, it's not too far off being rotten. Before you even start you have to treat it with wood hardener to stabalise it. fortunately with such a wild grain filling imperfections is no problem at all.

Matching buckeye burl headstock veneer and custom logo.

...And finally the back


Body : 2 piece chambered quarter sawn mahogany, capped with buckeye burl, double bound.

Set neck : Maple 25.5 inch scale length.

Pickups : Ibanez, simple tone and volume

Finish : Nitro cellulose with black edging.