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Fender Stratocaster (Eric Clapton model)

This is a genuine Fender Stratocaster that the owner wanted 'aged'! Firstly he wanted it to be his not Eric Clapton's so a change in colour was on the cards and he wanted a VERY heavy relic...nothing subtle! I must confess that I was quite aprehensive about 'knocking seven bells' out of a lovely new cellulose refinish, but the customer is the one in charge and I have to say that its great fun doing a guitar like this. So here's the pictures....


Here's the body fresh from spraying in its new cellulose sunburst finish, the Clapton Strats have the extra cavity for the electronics.

The heavily worn fretboard

The whole thing

And from the back, the owner was quite specific on how 'beaten up' he wanted it looking

A close-up

And the back of the neck

And used in action!