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Long Scale EB 2

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As I mentiond before the EB2, Epiphone Rivoli Bass is my favourite Just really because of the shape, the biggest drawback with these basses is the short scale, while Fenders have a 34 inch scale Rivoli's are 32 inch, making the strings relatively quite slack, not really very good for a modern sound.

My plan with this guitar was to make a long scale Rivoli / EB2. There were basicaly two problems to overcome, the bridge on the EB2 is quite a long way from the back of the body, and the body is an arch top, so its not possible to just slide the bridge to the back of the body, not unless you mount it on a thick chunk of wood...that would look lovely!

The way I saw for solving this problem was either to make a flat top body and mount the bridge at the back, or make a longer neck and mount the bridge somewhere near the original location at the highest point of the arch top. By far I favoured the later option and retaining the archtop, since this is a distinctive feature of the guitar.

After producing some scale drawings I found that I could get a 34 inch scale length by fitting a 24 fret neck and placing the bridge just slightly behind the original EB2 location.

Please keep in mind that this is an experimental guitar...Thus I wanted to keep the cost down just really so I could test the concept. thus the guitar body is mainly built from ply, the neck is traditional maple and rosewood .

Please note this bass is not fully complete yet...I will be changing the pickup for an original EB style unit and may put a Jazz bass back pickup on..the jury is still out!


Here we have the basic framework for the body, there are no comercial pressed arched tops and backs availablefor this shape of guitar, thus my plan was to make an arched centre block and clamp and glue the top and back plates over the framework.

The two curved inserts on the top and bottom horns are to give the top small 'humps' as with most archtops. I decided to go for a more pronounced arch than you would normally find on a '335' sytle guitar.







Quite a bit further down the line, the back and top are glued on, and you can get a good impression of the arch, which worked out very well.









Here's a plan view of the body, although the 'EB2' 'f' holes are not symetrical, since I decided not to use a pickguard I made more or less a mirror image body.












Here's The finished article, There's not anything special about the neck apart from being two octaves. The body is veneered back and front with flamed maple...but this caused problems, the centre joint was VERY difficult to get right, beyond me anyway, so I went for a relic'd finish....to try and hide it! (click on image for a bigger pic)









Click on immage for larger view












The headstock..Relic'd.(click on image for back view)














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