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Fantastic GOLDTOP best of everything, painstaking relic with authentic gold finish (click on image)


Heavy relic late '60s SC type guitar, large headstock maple capped neck, Bareknuckle pickups, all quality parts throughout. If you like 'em well used and something a bit different then this guitar is a perfect combination, click on the picture for more derails.




Really subtley aged early '50's BC with all the correct features including slot head screws bakelite guard and lovely butterscotch blonde nitro cellulose finish, a very accurate reproduction of an absolute classic (click on picture for more details)


Here's another custom build, no separate page for this yet. Chambered korina mahogany body, buckeye burl top, maple neck with ebony fretboard, gold hardware, custom made tailpiece, lots of nice detail touches such as the buckeye burl capped knobs, also the control cavity cover is grain matched to the back, unique headstock design, double layer pearl green binding, plain lacquer. All top quality gold hardware, PAF pickups from Fatboy, Gotoh tuners. No separate page for this yet please get in touch for details.




aJazz Bass type guitar, I've had plenty of use from this for over 8 years, finished in surf green nitro cellulose, many vintage features, quality parts throughout £800



Really nice mid '60s SC type guitar, top quality parts, vintage construction, two piece alder body, veneer curve joined fretboard, cellulose paint, natural weather checking, a really stunning looking guitar (click on the picture for more details) £1350





1957 Mary Kaye SC with gold hardware, This is has been built with no expense spared it has a lovely one piece ash body with a beautiful grain and a one piece vintage maple neck, all Fender hardware, Texas special pickups, cloth wiring and even a Luxe capacitor, the finish is completely nitro cellulose and tastefully relic'd, click on the picture for more details.






1965 Lake Placid Blue SC, Two piece alder body, correct rosewood veneer (curved join) mid sixties type neck, as usual with my guitars it has a full vintage correct nitro cellulose finish, all genuine Fender hardware, Pat Pend bridge saddles,steel block tremolo bridge, Texas Special pickups, cloth wiring, Kluson double line tuners, full pickguard shielding plate. (Click on picture for more details).


(There is another on the way though!)


Here's a cool one!..The next in the Dina range, unique in many ways, it has a composite maple and rosewood fretboard, the middle maple strip is dyed blue and inlayed with perloid stars, binding strips either side of the maple seperate the red rosewood before it's all finished off with edge binding resulting in a unique stars and stripes fretboard. It has a set mahogany neck that is quite slim, the body is thinline, countoured and built from poplar so it is extremely light weight and finished in aged nitro cellulose, airbrushed USA flag. The pickups are custom wound P90's and are superb. This guitar is somewhat like an SG special but with a more solid feel and it just screams! (Click on the picture for more details)



Mid '60s daphne blue SC, two piece alder body, veneer (curved join) specification neck and all the usual vintage correct features, such a pretty colour that takes so well to ageing. apart from the colour it has all the same features as the LPB Strat listed above. (Click on the picture for more details)





The Dina II Guitar, Unique design, hand built from start to finish in a 1960s style. Mahogany thinline body with "F" hole and matching control plate, tremolo bridge and lipstick tube pickups. Mahogany single bound neck. Completely finished in vintage nitro cellulose, the sparkle finish is done using bronze metal powder mixed with the lacquer just as it was on the gold top Les Paul. This guitar is hand built from start to finish using top quality materials it is extremely light weight and has an excellent "bright springy" tone. If your looking for a brand new "shiny" guitar this is not for you but if you want something very different and hand built in the way that vintage guitars in the '50s and '60s were then this could very well be the one for you. (Click on the picture above for more details)

£1800 .

The Dina III guitar is a unique design based on a classic shape. The body is mahogany with a flamed maple cap routed to be thinline with a solid centre core. The neck is a quarter sawn mahogany set neck with reverse angled headstock . The fretboard is ebony, bound and inlayed with perloid crowns. And of course finished in a beautiful transparent green and black nitrocelulose lacquer sunburst. Quality materials have been used throughout, before even plugging in, the guitar has a lovely acoustic tone with plenty of sustain, I'm sure aided by the string through body. It's lightweight, well balanced with a 24 fret neck. A very unique guitar and sure to stir a lot of admiring looks at any gig. (Click on the picture for more details).

Please email for details and price.



((Click on picture to go to page)(c

One of a kind violin bass, It's semi hollow with an arched back and top, built in the style of a violin but somewhat guitar shaped, string through body, blend, volume and tone are on the top edge (wheel style) and fitted with Seymour Duncan pickups. It has a 34inch scale length, with a tunomatic bridge and unique hand carved double bass style headstock. The guitar is finished in vintage nitro cellulose and is very lightly aged, built in tulip wood with a maple neck.

I wanted to continue my trend of taking vintage/classic style guitars but building something unique. I am REALLY not planning to make another of these, it was SO much work, carving the top and back and especially the headstock which took an age. So here it is, my take on a violin bass. if you want a bass to make the audience gasp then this is most probably going to do that and you can honestly tell them that there isn't another one like it ANYWHERE and there most probably never will! I hope you like it.

For sale £1800