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John Frusciante style

Fender Stratocaster


Its not too hard to tell that this customer is a big Chilli Pepper fan. This guitar is a genuine Fender Stratocaster, a late 1990's model that was originally a sunburst finish. The owner wanted it refinished to look like John Fruscaiante's 1962 Strat which is VERY worn and gorgeous!

Firstly the guitar was completely dismantled, the bridge was a modern two post type, so I doweled the original holes and redrilled to take a vintage style unit, also the machine heads were modern so these were swaped out for Klusons. The owner wasn't worried about the neck having the truss rod adjustable from the headstock end, although not like a genuine 60's neck I don't think it looks detremental.

First big job was to completely strip the body of its horrible modern finish which was replaced by nitro cellulose paint, firstly sanding sealer then tinted lacquer for the sunburst and finaly a few coats of clear lacquer...a short sentance to describe days of work!!!

All the plastic and metal parts were aged. Then we were on to the HEAVY ageing for the body.... This was by far the most relicing I'd done on a guitar, I managed to get quite a few pictures of Mr Frusciante's guitar off the web but to be honest it is not going to be possible to produce an exact replica, so I was really after getting the overall look correct.... I hope you agree I didn't do too bad a job, the customer was certainly pleased which is always the main thing.


Heavily relic'd body


The old tuner bushings had to be replaced with adapter ones to take the Kluson machine heads

Brutal wear on the back!!

And finally the back of the neck....