Fender Jazzmaster

It's not too often that I get asked to work on a Jazzmaster although I have done a couple in the past. This one is a Japanese model with gold hardware from the '90s I think, and is outstanding quality. It came to me for a colour change and to be honest I can't blame the owner, the paint was a pretty horrible yellowish blonde polyester finish. The owner wanted a vintage cellulose relic finish in Lake Placid Blue.

If anyone is looking to buy a quality Fender guitar don't ignore '80s/'90s Japanese models, they are superbly built from quality materials. You may end up swapping the pickups for something better but I don't think you can beat the build quality, £500 should set you up with a really nice guitar.

The ever popular Lake placid blue applied, no clear lacquer on yet but it will get over coated with a slightly yellowed lacquer that will give the blue more of a green tint which is typical for aged LPB

The owner was pretty specific as to how he wanted the relicing to look... In a word HEAVY! It certainly looks a lot better than its original yellow. I do like the look of the Jazzmaster/Jaguar tremolo/bridge arrangement and although there's nothing wrong with the mechanics, the geometry doesn't allow for a great deal of break angle for the strings as they go over the bridge, as a result unless you use heavy strings (say 11s) they are very prone to poor sustain and buzzes.

...And the back.

....And a close up of the body, notice the patchy green hue to the LPB finish, there is also weather checking and aged plastic etc....I do think that the Jazmaster wiring was interesting with the thumb wheels etc, something I've never really had a go at using properly but it seems like a good idea, certainly a good alternative to using foot pedals.