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Relic'd Guitars


Let's just say opinions differ regarding relic'd guitars! Some people love them, some hate them. As for me, I suppose you can gather I love them! In my view, a genuine battered Tele or Strat looks great. But there's a BIG problem......If you want the real thing then you need a LOT of money. Nowadays a mid-'60s Strat is going to set you back thousands, maybe tens of thousands of pounds. Are they really worth that? I suppose while some people are willing to pay that much, they'll continue to rise in value.

If I could afford one I would buy one without a doubt, BUT I can't .........yes its a shame, puis c'est la vie! Even if I could afford one I don't know if I'd want to risk taking it to gig, and what a shame that would be.

There is a silver lining to this cloud, though; having spent many years building guitars, I decided it was time to turn my attention to building relic guitars. Below are a few examples of the effects I have achieved.

Let's get one thing straight though....I do NOT fake guitars. Fenders are Fender's, mine are mine and I love them both. Every guitar is built as close to vintage specification as possible using the correct materials, both wood and hardware, even down to traditional cellulose lacquers. Nearly all the work is done by hand, including sanding and polishing. This gives each guitar a hand-built vintage feel.


Click on images for more details

Heavy relic late '60s SC (click on picture for details)

Lake Placid blue SC (click on picture for details)

Very accurate reproduction of an early BC (Click on picture)


Mary Kaye '57 SC (click on picture)

Blackguard TC (Click on pic for full build pictures)

1968 Thinline TC Surf green maple cap board(click on pic for details)

'62 rosewood neck SC heavily relic'd (Click on picture for details)

'65 daphne blue SC (Click on picture for details)'

Early '50s BC relic always a popular choice (click on picture for more details)

Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster (Click on picture for details)

Fender Jazzmaster relic (Click on picture for more details)

Copy of a famous Les Paul!! (Click on picture for more details)

Early '60s Daphne blue SC (click on picture)


Lovely Black guard TC (click on pic for full build details)


Surf green relic'd JB (Click on picture for more details)








'63 SC hand built brazilian rosewood board(click image for details)






Its not often that I get asked to relic a Les Paul. Here's one copying Paul Kossoff's (Click pic)

Here's a lovely 63 SC so pleased with this one (click on image ).... ..........

'Dina' guitar, original design (click on picture for details)

Late 1960s bound TC(click on picture for details)


John Frusciante style FenderStratocaster (click on image)

Mid '60s style SC in LPB (Click on picture for details)

'52 Fender Telecaster reissue (Click on picture for details)



'57 Blonde SC (Click on image for details)








Relic'd Fender Stratocaster (Click on picture)



Olympic white refinished Genuine Fender Stratocaster(Click on pic)











'57 SC Olympic White .....Jimmy Vaughn(Click on picture)







Sunburst Fender Stratocaster (Click on pictures for details)












Long scale relic'd 60's EB2, Epiphone (Click on pic)











Mk II Thinline restoration (Click on pickture).....................................













'57 Reissue relic 1980's Strat Elite (Click on image)











Just to prove I dont just do relics.................................................