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Vintage Restorations

Genuine untouched original guitars are getting very rare and VERY expensive. Over the years many upgraded aftermarket parts have become available and as music styles change many guitarists have modified their guitars to suit, not realising that in the future these changes would be detrimental to the value.

Afterall who in the 1970s would have thought twice about the value of their Strat as they gouged out the body to fit a Dimarzio super distortion humbucker in the bridge ! Nowadays though you would have to be plain bonkers to do it!!

Oh well there is help at hand, below are some examples of my restoration work.


1970 SG Special restoration (Click on image)

Lovely 1960s Jaguar restoration (click on the pickture for details)

50's Les Paul Junior TV Model (click on picture)

1930's Gibson archtop restoration (Click on picture for details)

1973 Fender Jazz Bass


1974 Stratocaster restoration (Click on image)


1930's National Resonator restoration

Klaxons guitarist Simon Taylor-Davies custom guitar refinish (click picture)

1959 Les Paul Junior (Click on image)

70s Strat restoration (Click on image for results!)

1960's Fender Duo Sonic (Click on picture)

Les Paul restoration (Click on picture)

1964 Gibson SG restoration

1960s Gibson Eb (Click on picture)

1956 Telecaster (Click on picture)

1965 Fender Jaguar (Click on picture)


1957 Mary Kay Stratocaster(Click image for details)

Hohner 'The Prinz'