Eric Clapton Fender Stratocaster

Here we have a genuine Clapton Fender Stratocaster, the owner wanted the "usual" 3rguitars relic treatment. So the guitar was stripped back to wood and resprayed in a two tone burst using nitro cellulose, I never have a set formula for this sort of thing, it's far easier if you're making a guitar from scratch but refinishing a guitar is very different as the wood has already been effectively sealed by the old finish and therefore how the wood reacts to different ageing processed can be unpredictable and it's often a case of just "going with the flow" and seeing what looks best.

Here's the whole thing, not wanting to refinish the headstock set the colour for the neck which is relatively quite dark.

Fretboard wear, this is quite difficult again due to the fb having previously been lacquered it's much easier if a refret is required but in the end it just takes a little longer to get to look right.

..And the back, I'd normally omit the spring cavity cover as these are more often than not missing but a Clapton Strat has the battery cavity underneath.

Close up of the plastic and bridge ageing.

Rusted tuners, Fender's chrome plating is terrible!

I always enjoy doing this type of work, every guitar is a bit different, I was very impressed by the Clapton circuitry it's a very easy way to get a good sound with little effort.