1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue

This is a genuine reissue blackguard Telecaster, I'm not sure what year it originates from, the owner wanted it refinished in a vintage nitro cellulose butterscotch blonde, relic'd but not dirty and light corrosion on the hardwear. In addition there was some fretboard work to do which included re profiling the fretboard to a flatter 9.5 radius and fit slightly chunkier frets, Originally it was hoped to re profile the back of the neck to a typical "boat" or "V" profile but it turned out that the original neck was a little thin for this, so to give it a vintage feel the re profiling was confined to a rolled edge sanded on the fretboard.

The owner wanted me to use Brad Paisley's Telecaster blackguard as a guide, which is quite a heavy relic but unusually the bare wood areas are very clean, quite an unusual look, anyhow scroll down to see the results.

Some aged Telecasters seem to have an almost white undercoat and when the butterscotch wears away the guitar looks to have faded, but Brad Paisley's doesn't follow that look so there's not much colour gradient from the butterscotch to bare wood.

The pickguard is bakelite and painted black as they were back in the day with minimal wear and chips

I was very pleased with the over all look of the neck, just a couple of coates of yellowed lacquer and mild relicing.

Ageing of the hardware was kept to a minimum, as requested by the owner, just really dulling down the shine was all that was required

Ever so pleased with the fretboard on this one, finger wear on maple fretboards can often look fake, but I think that this is pretty convincing and with the lacquer being so thin it really isn't going to take much before it looks even better.

...And ready to go back to the owner in Spain.... Here's what he had to say

Chris!!! I received the guitar yesterday morning!! I couldn't have a look at it until last night and it looks awesome!! Pictures didn't make justice, the colour and relic work looks so good, very detailed and much less aggressive than I expected, which is great!! Apart from the appearance, the neck feels really really smooth, and the bigger frets and radius were such a good choice! The frets came quite smooth with the fretboard, so I won't probably need to fix that. I plugged it into my '57 fender twinamp, and the neck pickup sounds great, I didn't remember it sounding so good !! The bridge pickup sounds good too but not very balanced, there's quite a noticeable volume increase when playing the first string compared to te 6th. Turning down the tone knob fixes that a little, but maybe I should adjust the pickup height a tad lower on the first strings. I'll also adjust the 2nd string's action a little higher as it buzzes a little when bending, and the amp reproduces the buzz.
Anyway, I'm very happy!!!!! I can't wait to get back home today to play it. You made such a great work Chris, it looks, plays and sounds awesome!!! What a big change... I'm really pleased with the result, and it was funny to see my fiancee's face when she first saw the guitar and thought you destroyed it :) Thank you so much for everything Chris, you were so kind and helpful at all times, it's been a pleasure to deal with you! That said, I don't think I'll be buying another fender guitar again, it would be great if you could build it for me!! I'll let you know sometime soon!

Kind regards, Fran