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1968 TC Thinline copy in

Surf Green

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This is one of my favourite guitars, I was over the moon when I'd finished it, I new what I wanted before I started, the colour and everything, I've always loved the first generation Tele Thinlines, In fact they're my favourite Tele, I'm pretty sure the original ones were only available in natural Ash or Mahogany when first released...so mine will just have to masquerade as a special order or refinish..I ain't bothered I just love the colour and guitar.

The neck is something special......you cannot buy this style of neck, its a maple cap on a curved neck ie there is no skunk stripe, when Fender went over to Rosewood in '61 the flat slab board fretbord gave way to a curved joint between the maple and Rosewood fingerboard in '63, by the late 60's maple boards were again available as special order.

Thinline copy

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Just make out thr curved fretboard join



Body : Alder Routed exactly as '68 Thinline...after painstaking research!...(feather weight)

Neck : Maple with Maple cap on curved neck

Pickups : Voodoo...Spectacular!

Tuners : Fender F

Hardware: All genuine Fender

Paint: Clear lacquer over Cellulose surf green and white undercoat + aged

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