1950's Les Paul Junior TV Model

I've restored a few guitars for this customer, he plays in quite a few bands and uses them all the time at gigs, which I really like. This is a 1950's TV model Les Paul junior, in my opinion a really great plug-in-and-go guitar, if you want that unmistakable no nonsense P90 sound this is the baby to do it with.

This guitar had been WELL used! The paint had been removed from the front and back of the body and typically the bridge posts had collapsed into the pickup cavity. Repairing the bridge post holes is not a difficult job especially as the finish had already been removed, there are a few ways to repair this, one is to use longer bridge post bushings and drilling holes deeper in to the body or repairing the wood around the holes and re drilling. Gluing pieces back is really a very short term repair, believe me it wont be long before the bridge collapses again.

My method of repair is to let-in a deep section of mahogany as in the pictures above, admittedly the grain is going the wrong way to match the body but I think this is a worth while sacrifice to achieve a permanent repair, with the grain running across the body the bridge posts will never move.

Pretty damn pleased with my paint job in matching the back and front to the sides, TV yellow is a tricky colour to do especially when heavily aged.

Here's the back.....

..And another of the front, its a semi transparent off white clear coated with a tinted lacquer to give it some age. Really am very pleased with the outcome of this one, there's very little to give away that it has been refinished (in part). I'm looking forward to getting some photos of it being gigged...