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Fender Stratocaster Olympic white

I must say Olympic white is the most popular colour for Strat's these days, the last three I have done have been this colour, the white takes very well to a slightly discoloured smokey look. This is a Genuine 1990s Fender Stratocaster that the owner wanted refinished, when it came to me it had a roller nut and a two point trem bridge, these were changed for vintage style parts as were the tuners.

The original paint was stripped off, and a new finish re applied in nitro cellulose, left to dry thoroughly and then aged. all new hardware was purchased and aged as were the plastic parts. So here's some pictures.......

Here's the body with off white smokey look, craze cracks and chips!

The whole guitar replaced bridge and hardware also I've stained the pickguard slightly

A shot of the back, new nitro finish for the neck, stained to show some age also notice the 'whiter' finish under the trem spring plate (if there was one) this is the same under the pickguard, the ageing doesn't finish just because you can't see it!

A close up of the body, not too visible is the craze cracking but there is quite a bit on this body, as time goes by it will become more apparent

And the last, aged bridge, knobs ets subtle stuff but it all adds up to an old looking guitar.