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1963 SC Style


Here's a copy of a 1963 Stratocaster (TM), 63s are all of a sudden very popular! The owner wanted to recreate a guitar he had owned in the past, the neck is very slim and has a curved joint genuine Brazilian rosewood fretboard, clay dots, the body is two piece Alder routed to 60s spec, the remaining hardware is all genuine Fender and as close to original 63 spec as possible.

The Olympic white body aged and worn. Also aged plastic

Another view showing the aged nitro cellulose finish

For a convincing relic the dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard along with clay dots contributes a very realistic look, as an aside this wood is heave, it sinks! and its a bugger to stick!

A view from the other side the amount of knocks and chips was not to great, from the original photos most of the aged look was from discolouration of the lacquer.

Just another boaring view! but this does show off the lovely reds and browns in the fretboard and you can see some cracking in the paint

Here's the back...more about the neck....

I used some different techniques to my norm to age this, just to try and make things more convincing and I was over the moon with the results and I will be adopting these methods all the time now!! The owner wanted a very slim neck so I have built in a bi flex truss rod but fitted the original cross head adjustment screw in the heel.


So there you go.... I'm really pleased with the look of this one so hope you enjoy the pictures!